Kansas City • Fun Hunt I

Kansas City • Fun Hunt I

Explore Your City

What is it? We've specifically designed a Treasure Map Route tailored around your city! Use the AdventureHunt.Co app to solve clues and see if you can reach the final location!

How does it work? You'll be solving city specific clues that'll lead you from location to location around your city! The app will notify you as you get closer and when you reach each stop.

Who can do it with me? Anyone! Solve the clues on your own, with your kids as a family activity, or as a fun date! No teammate required.

What if I get stumped on a clue? Not to worry! We have in-app clue helps that are available for purchase.

How long does it take? Go at your own pace! Start today and finish tomorrow, or next week! However, you may easily finish it within 2-4 hours from start to finish.