Past Champs

Meet the winners from around the country and hear their experiences competing in Adventure Hunt and how they won GoPros, loads of buried treasure and a Free Trip to Panama for Two! Wish this was you? Register today for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime! 

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2017 Adventure Hunt Winners


Place Team Prize
1st KCCO Treasure Chest + Panama Vacation
2nd Michael $200 to spend at
3rd Fins Up $150 to spend at
4th The Sweet Tubers $100 to spend at
5th The Franklins $100 to spend at
6th VolunteerCleanup.Org $100 to spend at
7th ThinkAhead $100 to spend at
8th Scrambled Legs & Achin' $100 to spend at
9th Super Coopers $100 to spend at
10th Los South 'Mericans $100 to spend at


Place Team Prize
1st Stache Hunters Treasure Chest + Panama Vacation
2nd Holdyourhead $200 to spend at
3rd Who Killed Bertha $150 to spend at
4th Joeysjonboat $100 to spend at
5th Red Hunt Latin Peppers  $100 to spend at
6th Power Couple $100 to spend at
7th Good Luck $100 to spend at
8th Probably Lost $100 to spend at
9th Blake Hawkers $100 to spend at
10th Amy Nowack $100 to spend at


Place Team Prize
1st HSNV Treasure Chest + Panama Vacation
2nd Sista Sista $200 to spend at
3rd Finish Strong $150 to spend at
4th Are You Not Entertained? $100 to spend at
5th Dirty Flamingos $100 to spend at
6th Pateski Beski Besk $100 to spend at
7th Clerkin It $100 to spend at
8th Vicious & Delicious $100 to spend at
9th Snails $100 to spend at
10th Double D $100 to spend at


Place Team Prize
1st Gang Green Treasure Chest + Panama Vacation
2nd MastersofJax $200 to spend at
3rd Walls $150 to spend at
4th Vicious&Delicious $100 to spend at
5th Ryan $100 to spend at
6th TBD $100 to spend at
7th Dumb and Dumber $100 to spend at
8th Cracker Jax $100 to spend at
9th The Eatons $100 to spend at
10th Surrender the Booty $100 to spend at


Place Team Prize
1st Poe Treasure Chest + Panama Vacation


Place Team Prize
1st Stolz&Howard Treasure Chest + Panama Vacation


Tap to View Recaps of Past Adventure Hunts Taken 100% from Actual Hunters' Instagram Posts!


What people are saying...

  • “We’ve done some crazy adventurous stuff and I don’t think I’ve had a high like that ever!”
    Emily, Denver Champ
  • "It’s been 24 hours and the adrenaline rush still has me smiling from ear to ear. What a great way to spend time with my son. Thanks for organizing such a great event!"
    Ryan, Salt Lake City Champ
  • "Thank you so much for this opportunity! In a million years I never thought it would be this fun and adrenaline-packed!"
    Rachel, San Diego Champ
  • "The most intense, thrilling Saturday ever! It's a year of adventure in one day!"
    Riley, Oahu Champ
  • "One of the funnest days I've ever had! Can't wait for next year!"
    Marlene, Oahu Hunter