Panama Trip Details


Here are important details about the Panama Trip:

  • We strongly encourage everyone to come Sept. 6-11 or Sept. 11-16 (now full)! It will be epic, we'll have the Final Hunt, you'll get 50% off Scuba and Surf lessons/excursions and I assure you, we're all gonna become close friends :)  
  • The Main Adventure Hunt trips to Panama are Sept. 6-11, 2017 and Sept. 11-16, 2017 (now full). Both will have Adventure Hunt reps and both will have a Final Hunt. We did this to accommodate everyone being able to come essentially at the same time. We will fill up Sept. 11-16 first, then once the villas are full, we'll move to filling up Sept. 6-11. Between those two weeks, there is plenty of room for all Champs and Finishers Raffle winners. If neither of those weeks work for you, you will be missed, but can still use your voucher as described above. 
 *Finishers Raffle Winners may only come in September, voucher not an option.

    • Please note that getting to Red Frog Beach requires another flight to Bocas del Toro from Panama City. That flight usually requires staying one night in Panama City (which is awesome and recommended anyway--go see the city, Panama Canal, etc.) and then boarding flight to Bocas from a separate domestic airport. 

    • This is YOUR trip! Don't think that if you come Sept. 6-11 or Sept. 11-16 that we're going to dictate your entire trip. We won't! We don't want to! This is a vacation for us too hahaha... You can choose to participate in whatever you want while down there. It's your trip! The first night, we will have dinner together and meet each other in person. We will have the Final Hunts, most likely on Fri. Sept. 8 and Wed. Sept. 13 at 9am. And we plan to schedule a short 2-hr service project somewhere in Bocas for each group (more info to come). Beyond that, you'll naturally make friends, have BBQs at each other's villas, explore the island, nightlife, surf, scuba, etc. together. (again, Finishers Raffle winners may only come in Sept.)

    • Booking Zipline Tour: once you've confirmed your flight with Bertha and me, we'll book your villa, after that you can also book your zipline tour. This is on you to schedule. Your name will be on their list for free zipline, so just chat with Bertha and/or the activities desk and put your name on the list where they have openings. Scheduling will be done on first come, first served basis. It's dope and perfectly safe. You won't want to miss it!

    • To receive any airfare help (first or second place) both teammates must attend and you must come with the group on one of these main Sept. trips. There are no exceptions to that, so please don't ask. (Finishers Raffle winners are not eligible for any airfare assistance)

    • The 50% off Scuba and Surf is only guaranteed for those on the main Sept. 6-11 or Sept. 11-16 trips. It's with a 3rd party and if we're not there, we can't promise they'll give the same rate.

    • The 6 days, 5 nights at the Villas in Red Frog Beach and the zipline canopy tour is valid any time within dates stated on our website. (again though, just come with us in Sept.) *Finishers Raffle winners can only attend in Sept. Villas are limited, so Adventure Hunt Champs will have their own private villa, but Finishers Raffle winners will be sharing a villa with other Finishers Raffle winners

    • Booking your flight to Bocas: Bertha ( will help you book that flight and reserve your villa as soon as you submit your confirmed international flight to her and me. Keep us both in the loop. She will book the flight and you can pay her by phone. This is very kind of her, so be sure to thank her as the flights getting to Bocas can be a bit confusing, so thank you Bertha for the help!

    • You may bring a maximum of two guests to join you in your villa, but they will need to pay $50/night per person to RFB (a great rate, so again, thank you RFB) and they will need to have also registered for Adventure Hunt. Why? This is an Adventure Hunt vacation and champion celebration! We still have Hunts left, so get your friends to register if they haven't already. (this does not apply to Finishers Raffle winners, they may not bring any guests)

    • Booking flights to Panama City: We suggest you hop on now and book your flights to Panama City ASAP. is a great source, use the +/- 3 days tool and see what rates you can get. Right now (mid July as I write this), out of SLC (a semi-major airport), roundtrip tix are going for $746. Don't hesitate. Again, plan to land in PC on Sept. 5 or Sept. 10 so you can check-in to RFB on Sept. 6 or Sept. 11. Commit and I promise a week you'll never forget!

    • Night in Panama City: if you need to stay a night in PC, which is likely, that is not included, but we will possibly have a small discount for you at a nice hotel. You can book wherever you want for that night though, which most people did last year as they were able to find cheaper options. 

    • Liability: each of you and each guest is responsible for his/her own safety and the well-being of his/her villa. Any damages to the property will be paid for by you. Please be respectful of the property and other guests. And if you drink, drink legally and responsibly. 

    • Food: each villa has a full kitchen. There is a grocery store in Bocas Town as well as right at RFB. We recommend eating most meals from what you buy at the grocery store. There is also an amazing restaurant at the resort (see below), but if we all eat there every meal, we'll be waiting a long time for our food :) So plan to use your kitchen to save both time and money. 

    • Things to do: zipline, surf, scuba, snorkel, lounge in your pool or at the beach, hike, paddleboard, kakak, caving, dolphin bay, starfish island, explore Bocas Town, trampoline park/bar into the ocean, etc. etc. You'll never be bored. It's paradise!

    That should do it! September can't come fast enough!

    What people are saying...

    • “We’ve done some crazy adventurous stuff and I don’t think I’ve had a high like that ever!”
      Emily, Denver Champ
    • "It’s been 24 hours and the adrenaline rush still has me smiling from ear to ear. What a great way to spend time with my son. Thanks for organizing such a great event!"
      Ryan, Salt Lake City Champ
    • "Thank you so much for this opportunity! In a million years I never thought it would be this fun and adrenaline-packed!"
      Rachel, San Diego Champ
    • "The most intense, thrilling Saturday ever! It's a year of adventure in one day!"
      Riley, Oahu Champ
    • "One of the funnest days I've ever had! Can't wait for next year!"
      Marlene, Oahu Hunter