How It Works

"The Adventure of a Lifetime!"

Adventure Hunt sends you off in teams of 2-4 people on an exhilarating, adrenaline-packed ride we promise you will never forget! You’ll complete both gut-bustingly funny and adventurous challenges that unlock a real life treasure map on our Adventure Hunt app. From there you’ll put your mind and will to the test as you solve clues guiding you to the buried booty.

Can You Imagine the Thrill of Digging Up an Actual Buried Treasure Chest?!

Well that thrilling experience is exactly what Adventure Hunt offers! It's a race to the finish because the first team to get to the treasure chest and dig it up wins insanely epic prizes worth over $6,000!! Including GoPros, loads of adventure gear from all our sponsors! Aaannnd....

A Luxurious Trip to Paradise for the Whole Team!

Beautiful beaches. World class amenities. Zip-lining, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing! The Top Four overall winning teams will win free round-trip airfare! The next four will win $300 each toward airfare. All eight teams will compete in a Survivor-style Final Hunt!


Just for registering, you'll receive 15% promo codes from all our sponsors as well as 15% off to the Adventure Hunt Store! Finish the Hunt and get $10 more to the Adventure Hunt Store plus an entry into our Finishers Raffle, giving everyone who finishes Adventure Hunt a chance at the trip to paradise!
Everyone who finishes will be entered into a raffle for a villa in Panama! Two teams per region! No matter what place your team finishes, you have a chance to go to Panama! ALL Champs automatically receive:
  • 6 days, 5 nights (5 days, 4 nights for those outside Elite 8) in a private villa at Red Frog Beach Island Resort
  • Zip-line canopy tour through the Panamanian jungle for two
  • 50% off scuba lessons
  • 50% off surf lessons
  • Participation in the Final Hunt – 'Survivor' style competitions on the beach, followed by clues and another treasure hunt racing around Bocas del Toro! (Elite 8 only)

     The Panama trip for all the champs in October will truly be an epic week, never to be forgotten! Do you have what it takes to make it there?

    What people are saying...

    • “We’ve done some crazy adventurous stuff and I don’t think I’ve had a high like that ever!”
      Emily, Denver Champ
    • "It’s been 24 hours and the adrenaline rush still has me smiling from ear to ear. What a great way to spend time with my son. Thanks for organizing such a great event!"
      Ryan, Salt Lake City Champ
    • "Thank you so much for this opportunity! In a million years I never thought it would be this fun and adrenaline-packed!"
      Rachel, San Diego Champ
    • "The most intense, thrilling Saturday ever! It's a year of adventure in one day!"
      Riley, Oahu Champ
    • "One of the funnest days I've ever had! Can't wait for next year!"
      Marlene, Oahu Hunter