First thing's first, read these two pages: 

  • How It Works  |  Waiver & Rules  

    • Q: Does my teammate need to register at the same time as me?
    • A: No. Your teammate does need to register, but he/she can register any time before Hunt Day. The app does not work and you cannot participate without a registered teammate. You each register separately here
    • Q: How and When do I pair with my teammate?
    • A: Inside the Adventure Hunt App on Hunt Day. You cannot team up until the Hunt launches at 9am on Hunt Day and the app goes live in your city. To team up, all you need is your teammate's email used for registration. 
    • Q: How do I login to the app/ What is my registration number?
    • A: To login, just enter the email you used to register and your registration number. Your registration number is your order number. You'll find it in the email you received when you registered. Many of you also received it in Facebook Messenger.
    • Q: When will I receive my free Adventure Hunt gear and do I need it for the Hunt?
    • A: Within a week of Hunt Day, unless you registered the week of the Hunt, in which case you may likely not receive your gear in time. But that's OK, you'll still receive it and you can follow the Rules page for what to do in posts. 
    • Q: When will I receive my free 15% off discount codes to KZ, Mission Belt, Allett, and GoScope?
    • A: Immediately! Those are sent via email right when you register! (be sure to register with an email you use and check regularly and make sure Adventure Hunt emails don't end up in your spam/junk folder).
    • Q: How long does Adventure Hunt take to complete?
    • A: That all depends how fast, thorough and dedicated you are. As quick as 3-4 hours and as long as 8-9 hours. Usually, by 2pm we have a winner.
    • Q: Where can my teammate and I learn more about Red Frog Beach Resort in Panama?
    • A: Right here!
    • Q: What does the free Panama Trip include?
    • A:  A LOT! :)
      • 6-day, 5-night stay for two in a luxury villa with a private pool at Red Frog Beach Resort
      • Zip-line jungle tour for two
      • Participation in the Final Hunt in Bocas del Toro, Panama
        • 'Survivor' style competitions on the beach, followed by clues and another treasure hunt racing around Bocas del Toro!
        • Panama Final Hunt Treasure Value: $1,000+
      • 50% discount on surf lessons/half-day excursion with La Buga
      • 50% discount on Scuba lessons/2-dive excursion with La Buga
      • Top Four Winning Teams (determined by voting from all Adventure Hunt participants) also win free airfare to and from Bocas del Toro and a free night's stay in Panama City.
      • Next Four Winning Teams, ranked 5-8 overall win $300 toward travel to Bocas del Toro. 
    • Q: When is the trip to Panama?
    • A: September 10-16, 2017. Red Frog Beach has reserved every available villa for Adventure Hunt winners on these dates! It will be an epic week, never to be forgotten!
      • If for some reason, you can't make it on those dates, each treasure includes a voucher good for a FREE 6-day, 5-night stay at Red Frog Beach Resort in Panama. You can redeem it for whenever you want before September 11, 2018 with the exception of these blackout dates: November 1-7 and 21-26, 2017; December 15, 2017 - January 7, 2018; February 1 - March 31, 2018 and April 10-17, 2018. 
    • Q: Who gets to go to Panama?
    • A: Every single winning team! The first team in each city to have their Adventure Hunt Instagram posts verified and follow the clues in our App to dig up the buried treasure will have their lodging at Red Frog Beach Resort in Bocas del Toro, Panama 100% covered, as well as their adventure on the zip-line canopy tour. The Panama trip also includes 50% off surf lessons/half-day excursion with La Buga and 50% off Scuba lessons/2-dive excursion also with La Buga. The overall top four winning teams (to be voted on by Adventure Hunt participants, determined by quality of completed adventures during Adventure Hunt) will also have their full roundtrip airfare covered! Each of the next four overall winning teams will receive $300 credit toward their travel!
    • Q: What's the best way to win the vote for free airfare?
    • A: Be epic and fun in your posts! First off, find the treasure of course. Beyond that, have fun along the way. Don't just rush, rush, rush. Make each post cool and unique in some way to stand out above the rest!
    • Q: Who were the previous Adventure Hunt winners?
    • A: The first ever Adventure Hunt was held in 10 cities, Adventure Hunt II was in 15 cities - check out the winning teams here!
    • Q: How many winners are there who will receive the Treasure?
    • A: 96 people!!! One team in each city will win the treasure, but in our book you're all winners just for adventuring with us! Just for registering you get discount codes and free gear.
      • 2nd place gets $200 to KZgear.com
      • 3rd place gets $150 to KZgear.com
      • 4th-10th places get $100 to KZgear.com
      • Plus everyone who finishes Adventure Hunt also gets $10 to KZgear.com!
    • Q: When is the last day to register?
    • A: The day before the Hunt. However, if you want your gear to arrive before the Hunt, then you need to register the Sunday before your Hunt, otherwise you'll still get all your free swag, but it may not arrive before your Hunt. 
    • Q: What are the adventures we have to do?
    • A: Those will remain a mystery until the official Adventure List is unveiled in our app for each city on Hunt Day. Some are adventurous (i.e. hiking, exploring, surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding, etc.) and some are fun (i.e. give a stranger a piggy back ride, eat something without using your hands, etc.). Some adventures are worth more points than others. Skill level is not really a factor, so don't worry. Just have Enjoy The Ride!
    • Q: Do the adventures cost money? If so, who pays for them?
    • A: We will have many variations and options for each city's Adventure List. We'll make sure there are enough free or minimal cost adventures to be completed to unlock the app's Treasure Map and Clues. Adventure Hunt and its sponsors do not cover the cost of any adventures. Be bold, creative and clever and there's always a way! (i.e. if you don't own a boogie board, but want to complete a boogie-boarding adventure, don't buy or rent one--borrow one from a friend or even ask someone on the beach if you can use theirs for a few minutes to take a video--just always remember to be safe, smart and follow the Rules
    • Q: How many stops are there on the treasure map and clues portion of the Hunt?
    • A: That will vary from city to city, but expect 7-12 stops. 
      • Part of the Adventure Hunt challenge and competition is your ability to solve the clues guiding you to the treasure. Should you get stumped, there are in-app helps offered for purchase. Pictures, videos, 'tell me the location' and 'skip location'. Pictures and videos can be used on any stop, but 'tell me location' can only be used twice per team and 'skip location' can only be used once. So choose wisely when you use those. 
        • Picture help--a photo of the exact location you need to be or something similar that helps solves the clue--$0.99
        • Video help--a video of the exact location you need to be and its surrounding area, often an aerial drone shot--$1.99
        • Tell Me the Location--literally just tells you the exact spot you need to be, can only be used twice per Hunt--$9.99
        • Skip Location--allows you to entirely skip a clue and location, can only be used once per Hunt--$29
      • ALL the clues can be solved without any of these additional helps (Google, ask friends and really think--don't expect to be able to read a clue and immediately solve it). In fact, most people don't use them, but if you need them, they're there. Who knows, maybe a little extra help will get you to Panama!
    • Q: What will my teammate and I need on Hunt Day?
    • A: A smartphone with the free Adventure Hunt App and Instagram (make sure your profile is PUBLIC, NOT PRIVATE--we can't see and verify your posts otherwise). Make sure your battery is charged--don't want that phone dying as you follow the App's Treasure Map! You'll be traveling around your area quite a bit, so transportation will be needed as well. Snacks/food and water so you can stay on the go. Your Adventure Hunt gear that was shipped to you as part of registration (you may need to show them in some of your posts). Water will likely be involved in every city, so having a swimsuit and towel will be smart. Good shoes. A shovel. And an adventurous, fun attitude. 

      Download the Official Adventure Hunt AppDownload the Official Adventure Hunt App

    • Q: Will all the activities on the Adventure List be in the actual city listed?
    • A: No. Adventure involves exploration! We'll make sure each adventure is relatively close to the city, but there will most definitely be activities, adventures and clues that take you out of the city.  
        • Q: How do we find out updates to Adventure Hunt and get the adventure list?
        • A: Within the Adventure Hunt App. Also social media--follow our Instagram and Facebook. Email as well. You must use a legitimate email that you check regularly and make sure we're not blocked or spammed. We send updates to those who have registered every few weeks and the open rate is about 92%. That number should be 100%. Don't be among the 8% left in the dark because you don't check the right email or have your inbox accidentally marking us as spam. If you don't receive emails, it's on you. We send them to the email address you provided upon registration. Again though, download our App and follow our Instagram and Facebook to stay in-the-know. 

          Download the Official Adventure Hunt AppDownload the Official Adventure Hunt App

          • Q: What is the refund policy?
          • A: All Registrations are final. Immediately upon registering, you receive discount codes from all our sponsors worth far more than the registration fee, so we do not offer any refunds. Weather will never be a reason for a refund, this is Adventure Hunt people ;)
            • Q: Can I exchange or return my Adventure Hunt and/or KZ gear?
            • A: The Adventure Hunt and KZ gear are added bonuses for registering and we've made sure to order quality items and top sellers from KZ, so no exchanges, returns or refunds are allowed. 
            • Q: Can we bring a photographer to help?
            • A: If you want to, but that person should really also be registered and hunting for themselves! Remember, the treasure is only for two people and the same two people must be present for each post and must both be registered. 
            • Q: Where do we meet / start?
            • A: No special meeting place. Start at home or wherever you want! At 9am on Hunt Day we'll post the Adventure List in the App and you'll want to map out and plan what suits you best to have fun and win! You'll see plenty of fellow Adventurers all over town!
            • Q: How can I become an Ambassador?
            • A: We are always looking for influential people in each city to help spread the word. In exchange for that help we offer free registration and even cash payments. If you are interested, please go here and fill out the needed info.

            Remember, read these two pages: 

          • How It Works  |  Waiver & Rules


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                Ryan, Salt Lake City Champ
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